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.: Welcome to Michigan Poker Games

This site is your number one source for finding poker games in Michigan. Our goal is to find every home game, charity game, and casino game in the state. If you find a game or know of a game not listed please submit it as soon as possible. Our second goal is to have written reviews on each game. This will help smaller games become larger and bad games become extinct.


.: Featured Game of the Week

This section will feature the best tournament of the week and explain why it is here. Some examples include the heartland poker tour or the local red cross when they host tournament with a large buy-in and large expected turnout. It will change from week to week.

.: Online Casinos

The focus of this site is POKER, not CASINOS. While they are closely related for people who don't know them, they are very far away in terms of skill and other characteristics. If you'd like to know more about casino, we recommend checking OCC's fairly detailed guides on online casino. You can also go ahead and check out the free slot games on Pokiesstop. Click here to go there.

Thank you for visiting our site. This will be a work in process for the next couple of months. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to drop us an email at questions@michiganpokergames.com